Teaching concept for a graphic design workshop in Azerbaijan

For my bachelor thesis I conceived and realised a teaching concept for non-designers. It aims to introduce important themes of graphic design and typography – and to increase awareness of a professional and consistent corporate design to employees of NGOs in Azerbaijan. The project was a collaboration between the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the University of Applied Science Potsdam.

In Azerbaijan, publications of civil society are often beyond the threshold of public perception. This is due to both low budgets and a lack of educational options in the field of communication design. Design concepts of NGO statements are mostly not on par with the communication design of the state or economic sectors, which is in turn mostly imported from Europe, Russia or the USA.

a situation in the workshop
a situation in the workshop
group picture with participants
The group of participants were emplyees of various NGOs committed to topics such as legal advice, human rights or tourism.

The teaching concept covers graphic design themes like typography, colour and composition but also emphasises the conceptual aspects in the design process.

The contents of the lectures and exercises are documented in a resource book.

table of contents of the ressource book
example page of the ressource book about typography
example page of the ressource book about text-layout
example page of the ressource book about colour
examples of exercises and teaching-materials
example of an exercise about typography
example of an exercise about colour

A detailed description of the methodical and didactical structure as well as the requirements of the project can be found here.

picture of the project-documentation

Thesis advisors: Prof. Betina Müller (FHP), Prof. Frank Heidmann (FHP), Thomas Melzer (GIZ).